Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beyond the Shadows ...

Let's face facts.  I couldn't care less about the troubles the Kansas City School District is having, and the fact that they may be heading for major trouble and take over by the State of Missouri.  What happens in the Kansas City School District has basically no affect on what is happening in my neck of the woods.  It is simply an amusement that the people affected by the School District are too complacent to stand up and demand that things change.  But then again, these are the same people that cry out what a poor innocent boy some kid was after he was shot trying to attack someone with a knife.

Let's face facts.  I couldn't care less about Sly James, his son, and his brother, or the fact that Sly James has essentially been little more than lame as Mayor of Kansas City Missouri.  That the city is being held back by advocates that claim to hold the best interest of the people in the urban core, playing up to the cameras then disappearing, never accomplishing little more than telling everyone around Kansas City that the problems with crime, drugs, and violence are not getting any better.

I don't care about Street Cars in Kansas City, the loss of businesses, the fact that Kansas City is over-run by people standing on street corners begging for money.  I don't live or work in Kansas City.  The problems of Kansas City have little affect on my life.  They serve more as a form of amusement that a population of people can be so complacent that they will sit back and let this happen to them.  Welcome to the welfare state of the 21st Century.  I don't care about what happens to the neighborhoods around me as long as someone else is paying my bills and I can just sit back and complain that I've been oppressed by the affluent white people around me.

So, no more talk about Politics in Kansas City.  No more talking about the Kansas City School Board.  No more pointing out the things that make me shake my head and ask myself how the hell we got to this state of stupidity.  We're going to get onto subjects that I really have strong feelings about.  Topics such as Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration, and other subjects that may just draw my amusement for the moment but aren't being beaten up by the local media.  You can come read my opinions and take them anyway you want, or you can lose my url and go amuse yourself someplace else.