Monday, May 28, 2012

Rites and Benefits Thereof

Apparently being a 32nd degree Mason doesn't mean BOLLOCKS to the new kids petitioning to be Brothers. Further, as is a rich Masonic tradition, if you dues aren't paid up, absolutely NOTHING of your past brotherhood matters. If you are not a 'brother in good standing' = your dues are paid; regardless of your degree or time in same, any pissant piece of shit can come flying up at you with no respect. Any little piece of shit at all.  (identity withheld)
I haven't felt compelled to talk about the Masonic Fraternity for a while, and my posts on the subject only remain online for a very short period of time.  Freemasonry is a subject that the fraternity does not really like to talk about openly.  Its not that they are trying to hide anything, its just that it seems whatever is revealed is taken and twisted into something to make Freemasonry look bad.

All of my previous Masonic Posts have been limited publication.  Normally posted for the benefit of a friend or a person who was looking at become a member of the fraternity.  I don't leave these articles up long simply because some Grand Lodges to frown upon any discussion of Freemasonry, especially its problems, via the Internet or other public forums.  I have refrained from posting any new articles on Freemasonry over the past year, but when the above statement was relayed to me via email ... well ... I'm sorry, I can't just walk away from this.

First things first.  If you are not a member of the Masonic Fraternity in Good Standing, you have no claim to the rites, benefits, or privileges of the Masonic Fraternity, and that includes recognition by those who are currently in Good Standing with their Lodges.  Ancient Traditions dictate that when it comes to "secret societies", you are either in or out, you are either a brother or you are not.  How you are treated by the Brethren after you have fallen from Good Standing will depend on (a) why you're not in Good Standing, and (b) how well you respect the tenants of Freemasonry and honor your obligation.

 It doesn't matter what degree you hold.  It doesn't matter if you were a member of the York Rite, Scottish Rite, or the Mystic Shrine.  It does not matter if you are a Past Worshipful Master of a Lodge, or were a Grand Lodge Officer.  If you are NOT a member in Good Standing, you are not entitled to the rites and privileges of Freemasonry, nor the recognition and acceptance of those who are in Good Standing.  So, the person who made the statement above, complaining about the fact that the new Freemasons are not giving him the respect he feels he is due is showing those who understand the tenants of Freemasonry that he has no understanding of the obligation he took and the tenants he agreed to.  It shows an arrogance that is often seen as undesirable in Freemasonry, one that is unfortunately common within the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Missouri AF&AM as many of its Master Masons over the past fifteen to twenty years did not, as some say, "earn" their degrees but took the easy method called the "One Day Chance to Advance Class." 

Dear sir.  It isn't that your past membership doesn't mean anything to the new people coming into the Fraternity.  They are honoring their obligation, the promise that they made to the fraternity.  They could be said to be paying respect to your past membership, remembering the commitment that you seem to have forgotten.  I am not offended when someone reminds me that we cannot discuss certain issues of the Brotherhood.  I expect this.  I remind those who know of my Masonic past of my current status.  I expect this even though I not only held the 32nd Degree AASR, but am also a Past Master.

So, dear sir, if your Masonic past means anything to you ... reflect on your obligation ... return to the brotherhood in your heart, walk from darkness to the light.  Light is not exclusive to any organization.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beyond the Shadows ...

Let's face facts.  I couldn't care less about the troubles the Kansas City School District is having, and the fact that they may be heading for major trouble and take over by the State of Missouri.  What happens in the Kansas City School District has basically no affect on what is happening in my neck of the woods.  It is simply an amusement that the people affected by the School District are too complacent to stand up and demand that things change.  But then again, these are the same people that cry out what a poor innocent boy some kid was after he was shot trying to attack someone with a knife.

Let's face facts.  I couldn't care less about Sly James, his son, and his brother, or the fact that Sly James has essentially been little more than lame as Mayor of Kansas City Missouri.  That the city is being held back by advocates that claim to hold the best interest of the people in the urban core, playing up to the cameras then disappearing, never accomplishing little more than telling everyone around Kansas City that the problems with crime, drugs, and violence are not getting any better.

I don't care about Street Cars in Kansas City, the loss of businesses, the fact that Kansas City is over-run by people standing on street corners begging for money.  I don't live or work in Kansas City.  The problems of Kansas City have little affect on my life.  They serve more as a form of amusement that a population of people can be so complacent that they will sit back and let this happen to them.  Welcome to the welfare state of the 21st Century.  I don't care about what happens to the neighborhoods around me as long as someone else is paying my bills and I can just sit back and complain that I've been oppressed by the affluent white people around me.

So, no more talk about Politics in Kansas City.  No more talking about the Kansas City School Board.  No more pointing out the things that make me shake my head and ask myself how the hell we got to this state of stupidity.  We're going to get onto subjects that I really have strong feelings about.  Topics such as Abortion, Gay Marriage, Illegal Immigration, and other subjects that may just draw my amusement for the moment but aren't being beaten up by the local media.  You can come read my opinions and take them anyway you want, or you can lose my url and go amuse yourself someplace else.